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By Pastor jeff Worley
MAY,  2023

MALACHI 3: 8-10
Oh no! Don’t tell me that we are going to start out the month of May talking about my money! No, no-we are going to start the month of May talking about God’s money! There are a lot of people who say that the Bible does not teach tithing. But the Bible does teach tithing! Friends, according to the Bible the tithe, which is 10% of my income, belongs to God. It’s not mine to spend. As you study today, take note as to what the Lord has to say about what already belongs to Him!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to always give to you what belongs to you!
ACTS 4: 18-20
Have you ever had someone tell you to be quiet or shut up? Peter and John are told to stop telling people about Jesus. I love their response “for we cannot but speak” (v20). Friends, don’t ever let anyone stop you and I from sharing Jesus!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Help me Lord to always use my lips to tell others the Gospel!
EXODUS 3: 1-6

Have you ever been on holy ground? Moses in today's text found himself standing in that spot. Think about this. Where the Lord is, that is holy ground. When we are in the presence of almighty God, we are standing in a place that is blessed just by his presence. The next time you pray or read your Bible or feel the presence of the Holy Ghost, remember you are on holy ground.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord that by the blood of Jesus I am allowed to come into your presence.
Remember this-a good soldier does not quit. Paul told young Timothy here, under the leadership of the Holy Ghost, to be strong, to endure hardness, and to be a good soldier of Jesus Christ. I love our military people today. I thank God for those who have served our country and for those who are serving today. Let's always be thankful to be a soldier in the Lord's army in Jesus Christ. What a privilege to serve the Lord.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve you today. 

Some good lessons in this little verse. First, if I will call unto the Lord, he will hear me. Then, if I call into the Lord, he will answer me. Then, and i really like the last one, if I call into the Lord he will show me great and mighty things. Think about it. The Lord will show me and teach me things that the world cannot. I have said this many times-what a Savior we serve.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord teach me thy ways even today.
I often hear preachers say I don't know why God called me to serve him I am so unworthy. Of course we are, we all are. But today's text is the only answer as to why God called me to serve him. God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Friends, you can't find many that are any more foolish than me. But God called me anyhow. If God has called you to do a work for him today be thankful and serve him 100%.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for your calling on my life.
PSALM 43: 3-4
Whatever thought about the light in this dark world that God has given us through his son Jesus Christ? in today's text the psalmist asks the Lord to send that light and truth. That is exactly what god has sent to this old world and his son Jesus. Jesus told us in John 14:6 I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life. In Matthew 5:14 Jesus said I am the light of the world. I don't know about you but I sure thank God for that like today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please let that light of Jesus shine through me today.
LUKE 16: 19-24
This is not a beautiful story but it is very true. I believe as a child of God that every now and then we need to be reminded of the horror of the place of hell. Hell is a real place. People who reject God sacrifice for sin, jesus christ God's son, go to the place of hell. A lot of people, a lot of Christians, say that the child of God should not share hell with others today because it may scare them. Let's pray today that the place of hell scares us all. We do not want anybody to go there.
Lord help me to share the gospel with someone today.
PSALM 92: 1-4
I love the first line of this psalm. it is a good thing, think about it, people say often in this world what a good thing is. Some say it is a good thing to tell someone off. Some say it is a good thing to get others before they get us. But the Bible here states it is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord period now I don't know about you but I do think that is a good thing to do.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord because you deserve it. 5/10/23
I don't know about you but the more I live in this old world the more I am looking for the trumpet to sound and for the changed body that the Bible is talking about here. My favorite verse in this text is verse 57. Real victory in this world comes in Jesus Christ. so no matter what you are facing today look to Jesus. He can and will change everything.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Come quickly Lord Jesus.
GENESIS 1: 14-19
In today's text we are reminded as to whom it was that made lights and atmosphere in this old world. It was almighty God. When I hear of all the talk of global climate change I think of this scripture. Sometimes man likes to feel that he is in charge of the world. The truth is man is not in charge God is. God made the planet and God knows how to keep it in place. so remember don't trust man with this world trust God.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord would you take care of our planet.
MARK 1: 9-11
What a perfect example. In the scripture today Jesus didn't tell us about being baptized, Jesus showed us. Do you remember back to when you followed the Lord in believers baptism? After salvation in Jesus Christ the next step in a believers life is water baptism. Now baptism does not save me but it shows the world that I am very sincere and serious about my walk with the Lord. Praise the Lord for baptism.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  thank you Lord for always setting the perfect example for me to follow.
I SAMUEL 2: 1-5
Today's scripture as part of Hannah's prayer. I love verse two here. Whom do you know that is holier than the Lord? There are some people who think they are holy but nobody can reach the holiness of God. Who upon this earth can you and I call our rock but the Lord? Remember this today, there really is none like the Lord.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Remind me Lord that there is no one holy like you. And remind me that there is no other rock that I can stand upon lean on and trust like you.
JOHN 3: 1-10
Today's text is a little long but good. Jesus gave Nicodemus an education on being a part of the family of God. Notice that Nicodemus was ruler of the Jews, a religious ruler. but the bible says In verse 2 that he came to Jesus in the night, he did not want anyone to see him going to see Jesus. I wonder how many people want to serve the Lord today by night not wanting anyone else to know that they are following Jesus? Friends never never be ashamed to be associated with Jesus Christ.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord please guide me daily and may others always see you shining through me. 

PSALM 40: 1-3
We have looked that this text in the past. But the Lord put it on my heart to share it today. Maybe someone needs to hear this message today. Wait patiently for the Lord. Maybe you have been praying about something today. Maybe a problem or burden, maybe wisdom on which direction to go in Life. But the Lord has not answered you yet. Here is the answer. Keep praying, keep reading your bible, keep turning to the lord. Wait patiently, God will bless and answer in his time.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Help me Lord to learn to wait on you.
HEBREWS 10: 25
How important is church in your life today? According to the Bible here it should be very important. Let's make church a habit. Let's get to the point that our world does not seem to come together if we do not attend church. In these days we need the church. It's closeness, it's people, its owner Jesus Christ more in our lives than ever before.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for the church.
JOB 14: 1
Do you know of anybody right now in this old world that does not have any troubles? I cannot think of one person. Now there are some people that seem to have more problems than others but we all have troubles. The Bible here puts it plainly. If a man is born of a woman, and we all are, our time is limited on this earth and we will all have troubles. The point today, stop dwelling on our troubles and start looking to the Lord for victory.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord remind me there is no trouble in this world that you cannot get me through.
LUKE 17: 11-19
As you read the text today think about what happened here. 10 men approached Jesus that had an awful diseaseThey ask for mercy. They want it to be healed. the Lord healed them but only one came back to thank him. How come when we need answered prayer we want it now? But how often do we stop and thank God for answered prayer? Let's not be a part of the 9, let's thank the Lord today for the power and grace.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord thank you for being so good to me and let me always be thankful.
EXODUS 20: 1-17
I know that today's reading is a little long but powerful. In this text is the 10 commandments that God gave to his people. As you read through this list today keep this in mind, these are not ten suggestions they are not 10 recommendations, they are what god requires of his people. Did you know that even the laws of our nation are based upon these verses? So don't let anybody tell you these are outdated they are from God.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  help me to always honor and keep your word. 5/20/23
ACTS 2: 42-47
The New Testament church in this text is the model for our churches today. As a minister of the gospel for many years I have heard of a lot of ways and suggestions on how to grow the church. Some say get in the most well known preachers and speakers and people will come. Some say feed the people physical food and they will come. Some say give them gifts and they will come. I think God's way is the best. Notice verse 47 here “and the Lord added to the church daily”. you see if the church will do the work of the Lord, get out the gospel, and equip the saints to share the gospel God will do the adding. Works for me.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord bless the church today with more souls. 

JOSHUA 24: 14-16
It has been a while since we looked at this text. We all have to choose or make choices every day. God's people here were reminded that they had better be ready to choose the Lord over all others. Here is something to remember today, every time we make a choice it comes with consequences. If I choose to eat bad food my body will face the results. If I decide to eat right my body will also face the results. Let's always choose the Lord over this world.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord remind me to choose you every day over this world.
Today's text has a simple meaning. I must be willing to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ on their level. Paul was teaching you and I today under the leadership of the Holy Ghost that my way is not what will lead someone to Christ, it is God's way that will. Notice verse 22. Paul said to the weak become I as weak. Friends we must meet a person where they are in life to reach them for Jesus Christ.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Help me Lord to allow Jesus Christ to shine through me today.
PSALM 33: 12
When was the last time that I really really really prayed for our nation? I don't mean talked about all that is wrong with America because there is a lot wrong. But when was the last time that you and I really got on our faces before God and asked him to please fix America? God has blessed our nation over the years. Let's ask him to fix her today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord please keep your hand on America even today.
MARK 14: 18-21
Would you sit down at a table and fellowship with someone or share a meal with someone who you knew was about to betray you? Many of us would say no. I would not, but Jesus did. You see, Jesus knew what was about to happen to him. He knew he was about to die on the cross for your sins and mine. Jesus knew God the father's plan for salvation so he sat at that table with Judas. How far would I go today to do God's will in my life?
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me to always do your will in my life no matter what.
AMOS 8: 11-12
Can you imagine if the Bible, the word of God, was taken from our land today? Think about it. If it was outlawed for anyone to own a copy of God's word or to study God's word what would happen? Well, some people Live Today like they have never heard the word. Can you imagine if God withdrew his word, how much worse things would get? Get into the Bible today and study it. It will feed your soul.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord please plant your word in my heart daily.
Today's scripture shows us John being taken in the rapture. Many today that claim to study the Bible say that there is no rapture, but the Bible plainly shows us here that it will happen. Keep this in mind. Only those that are born again, blood washed in Jesus Christ will go in the rapture. Let's get busy today and tell people that Jesus is coming.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me to share about you coming to get the church even now.
PROVERBS 15: 1-2
Has your tongue ever gotten you into trouble? Mine has many times over the years. The Bible here reminds us to speak softly and to use knowledge when speaking. The best way to do this, I have learned, is to be as close to the Lord as I can be every day. yes, anger in the world itself can lead us to speak out of turn or vile sometimes. But the closer I walk with the Lord the more my tongue seems to behave.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord use my tongue to speak words that will bring honor and glory to you today.
MATTHEW 7: 1-6
Yesterday we talked about the tongue, today let's look at one of the things that a tongue can do. It can pass judgment on others. Jesus warned us here not to do that. The Lord even told us here in verse 2 that when we judge others it would come back to us. Then, the Lord goes on to remind us to be careful when we judge others and things are not perfect in our world and our actions. So let's not judge others today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Help me Lord not to pass judgment on others today but to pray for them.
II TIMOTHY 2: 15 AND 3: 16-17
OK we are doing something today that we usually do not do and that is to look at two pieces of scripture. how important is the Bible, the word of god, in your life? Our first text tells us today that we are to study it. Notice it did not say to read it, it said to study it. The next verse reminds us where the Bible comes from, it comes from God. if you and I want more of the power of God in our lives today we need to spend more time in the Bible.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Help me Lord to grow in knowledge of your word today. 

DANIEL 6: 22-23
Have you ever had God to shut the lion's mouth in your life? He did it for Daniel. When the devil is attacking you and I today, when the world is coming against you and I for following the Lord today, stop and step aside and ask the Lord to protect you. You may get to see the Lord shut the lions mouth.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord keep me safe as I serve you today.
ACTS 4: 10-13
Today scripture just reminds us that we need to pass the word to a lost and dying world that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. These verses give the gospel so clear that a child can understand it. I love verse 12. There is salvation in no other name but the name of Jesus. Share that with someone today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord please let this old world know that the only way to salvation is through your son Jesus Christ.


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