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By Pastor  Jeff Worley
OCTOBER,  2023

EXODUS 22: 20
As you read our text for today do you get the feeling that our God is a jealous God? Now this is Old Testament and yes he is talking to the Jews, God's chosen people. But we, who are not Jews, are adopted into the family of God by the blood of Jesus Christ. That means we are being spoken to in the scripture also. Today's lesson don't ever, ever, ever put anything in front of God.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me to keep you first in my life always.
LUKE 22: 54-62
Today's scripture reminds us as to how Peter failed the Lord. Remember Jesus had told Peter only a few hours earlier that he was going to deny him. Have you ever had to eat your words as some may say? Just as Peter here I have said no I will never do this or that. I have told the Lord, Lord I will not fail you, you can count on me. A lot of times I've had to go back to the Lord and cry and beg for forgiveness. Today's lesson, let's never tell the lord what we won't do let's walk as close to the lord as we can.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please forgive me when I fail you.
PSALM 70: 1-5
I love this Psalm. Ever ask the Lord to do something in your life, maybe to get you out of a certain situation? If you have, then you can understand the first two words in this verse, make haste. In other words Lord I need this help and I need it right now. Notice first four here is the way to pray for that deliverance let God be magnified.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord please deliver me today from the traps of this world.
MATTHEW 8: 1-3
have you ever heard this statement, your world can change in a minute? That goes for something good or something bad happening. In today's scripture it was something good. Think for a minute. I wonder when that man that was a leaper awoke that morning did he ever have it crossed his mind that his world would change by the end of the day. Keep this in mind as you read this text today, Jesus Christ can change a world forever. Let's trust him wholeheartedly today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for changing my world.
There is no doubt that today's text is being shared by Almighty God. The father of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Remember the Bible teaches in the Book of Revelation that Jesus will someday be crowned king of kings and Lord of Lords. Notice verse 18 tells us that God loves the stranger, the one that doesn't know him, we are told to love the strangers too in verse 19. This is not a suggestion it is a command.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me to have that love of God to all that I meet today.
JOHN 10: 10-14
to whom do I belong? Some months ago the Lord gave me a message to preach on this subject, to whom do I belong. Notice in verse 14 Jesus said he knows his sheep and they know him. Verse 10 today reminds us as to the word of the devil to steal, to kill and to destroy. Now let's take a look at our life period to whom do I belong? What a Savior we serve.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Thank you Lord for accepting me as your own.
PSALM 32: 1-2
I love verse one here. The Bible tells us that if our sin, our wrongdoing, is forgiven we are blessed. Verse two tells me that i am blessed with the lord does not hold my sin against me. Here is the bottom line on today's text, if my sins are forgiven because I have repented of them I am blessed.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for forgiving my sin.
MATTHEW 7: 21-27
In today's text we are told who will go to heaven. Jesus said in verse 21 that the person that goes to heaven will be the one that does the will of the Father. Now the big question, what is the will of the Father? Well verse 24 tells us that the Father wants us to listen to the gospel. This verse also tells us that the Father expects us to obey the gospel message. The text also tells us that God expects you and I to build our lives on the rock, Jesus Christ.
 PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord thank you for allowing me to hear the gospel message.
PROVERBS 4: 14-19
Have you ever walked down a narrow path? When I was a boy there were several paths around their house and in our yard. Some went to daddy's garden spot. One went to my uncles house next door. One went to our outside bathroom. We had a two seater, some of you know what I am talking about. The Bible here warns us to stay away from the wicked path. Notice verse two. God tells us to avoid it, don't even pass by it. Turn away from it and pass away from it. Maybe today we should stay on the path that leads to the Lord. Remember Jesus said I am the way, John 14: 6, make sure you are on the right path.
 PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Help me Lord to stay on the right path.
MATTHEW 10: 28-32
If today's scripture tells us anything it is that God loves you and I so much. Verse 30 tells us that the hairs on our head are numbered. That means that God knows everything about you and me. Jesus reminds us not to fear man in this text. According to the Lord the worst that man could do to you and I is to kill the body. We had better be more concerned about the one who can bless your soul or curse your soul and that is the Lord. I have said this a million times and I will say it a million more, what a Savior we serve.
 PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Thank you Lord for the love you have for me.
JOB 14: 1
There is a lot of talk today who or what a woman is. Some are saying that today a man could have a baby. Not according to the Bible here. The word teachers children are born of a woman. There is a lot of foolishness happening around us today but remember this, God does not lie and God does not change.
 Prayer For The Day: Thank you Lord for being a perfect God that does not make mistakes.
MARK 5: 1-8
As you read this text today notice that the unclean spirits, or the demons, had no trouble in knowing who Jesus was. Verse 7, the demon knew Jesus name and he knew who he was, the son of the most high God. Friends remember this today when you know Jesus Christ you truly do know somebody.
 Prayer For The Day: Thank you Lord for not just being my savior but for being my Lord.
I know that we have looked at this text before but the mess our nation is in today we had better look at it again. Family of God let's ask God for revival today in our churches and across our land. I really believe that the Lord is the only one that can save our land. Share this text with another believer today and ask them to pray for our nation too.
 Prayer For The Day: Lord please send revival to our churches and help us see our nation come back to you.
What a scripture. If you and I are saved we are the dwelling place of God. Our bodies become the temple of God. The Bible tells us in verse 17 if we don't take care of the temple, our bodies, God will destroy it. Friends if our bodies are the dwelling place of God should we not take care of the body? It should be an honor to host the Lord in our bodies. Let's Live Today in a way that God is glorified in our body.
 Prayer For The Day: Lord use me in this body today to serve you.
GENESIS 12: 1-3
  Today's scripture is showing us the beginning of the nation of Israel. The text teaches that the nation came from a promise that God made to Abraham or Abram. Please notice verse 3 today God will bless the nations that stand with her and God will curse the nations that stand against her. As you pray for Israel today pray that America will always stand with her too.
 Prayer For The Day: Lord I pray for the peace of Jerusalem today and Lord I pray would you lead America to always stand with Israel.
did you know that the Book of Revelation is the only book in the Bible that promises blessings if you read or listen to the words of this book? As you read these three verses today remember this the book is not known as the book of revelations, it is the book of Revelation. It is not about many people it is about one person, the lord Jesus Christ and the outcome of this old world.
: Use me Lord to share the message of this book with others today.
PSALM 34: 1-4
Let's just spend some time blessing the Lord today. Today's text is a psalm of worship to God. Verse one tells us to praise the Lord at all times period verse two tells us to have our soul boast of the Lord. Verse three tells us to magnify the Lord. Verse four tells of the Lord's power to hear me and to deliver me. Let's spend some time praising the Lord today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Thank you Lord for just allowing me to serve you today.
Never, never back up on the freedom that God has given us from sin in Jesus Christ. In today's text the Lord uses Paul to remind us that there is no other savior. Verse three and four if we go back and trust the law we have no one else to turn to. Notice the question in verse 7 who or what has hindered us from serving the Lord? Friends don't let anyone or anything keep us from the Lord today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord help me to never back up on the freedoms that you have given me.
I don't know who this is for but the Lord put this on my heart to share today. Someone may be going through a troubled right now and need these words. Notice the keywords in these verses, trust, acknowledge, fear the Lord and verse nine tells us to honor the Lord. If you are the one with the troubles today practice these verses.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord bless someone today to get through their troubles.
HEBREWS 10: 31
Judgment day is coming. This verse is short but man is it powerful. I loved my daddy but when my daddy was mad at me I did not like being in his presence. Can you imagine being in the presence of Almighty God and having him angry at us. Friends let's make sure that we are at peace with the Lord today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord please forgive me of all my sins and shortcomings before you.
DANIEL 6: 22-23
I love the first line of today's text. My God hath sent his Angel. Old Daniel was in a den of lions because he obeyed God instead of man. But the lions could not hurt him. Why? Because the Angel which the Lord sent to Daniel shut the lions mouths. Maybe you could use help from that Angel today. Trust the Lord. God can still deliver today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord send that Angel to help me today.
LUKE 5: 17-26
Today's text is a little long but well worth the time. Jesus gives us a major lesson today. What is more important physical healing or forgiveness of ones sins? Jesus asked the Pharisees that question in verse 23. Of course to have ones sins forgiven is the most important but Jesus showed these people and you and I today that he can do both. What a Savior we serve.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: thank you Lord for all that you have done for me.
Do you get the feeling from today's scripture that there is great power when a person calls unto the Lord? The Bible tells us here if a person calls unto the Lord he will hear and answer and he will show us great and mighty things. I think it is worthy taking the time to call on the Lord today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord as I call on you today thank you for hearing me and thank you for always being there.
LUKE 16: 19-25
This is not beautiful scripture but it is true as all of the word of God is. Every now and then we need to be reminded of the place of hell. If you and I are saved today, if we have been covered by the blood and if we have trusted Jesus as savior and Lord, then hell will not be in our future. But how about people that we run across every day that do not know the Lord? We need to tell others about the place of hell and we need to share the gospel.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord please help me share Jesus with someone today.
PSALM 147:5
Short but powerful describes today's scripture. The psalmist tells us that the Lord is great. Then he reminds us of the Lord's great power. Then he tells us that the Lord's understanding is infinite. A good lesson for today, the Lord knows me, he understands me but he loves me anyway.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord I just want to praise you for your greatness and your power.
MATTHEW 2: 1-2
I love the Bible description here as to who a wise man is. When you and I think of a wise man today we think of one who is well educated. Or one who has a successful business that they started. Or maybe someone who has a lot of money. But according to the Bible a wise man is one who seeks out Jesus. Share that message with someone today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Thank you Lord for giving me the wisdom to follow you.
GENESIS 2: 21-25
With all that is going about in today's world, about who should get married, i think that it is good to stop and look at god's opinion of marriage. Notice in this text that it was a man and a woman that God put together. Not two men and not two women. Friends all the philosophies going about today over relationships and marriage remember God has not changed. Marriage is to be between a man and a woman.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord please bless all of the husbands and wives across our land today.
OK a few days ago we looked at the place of hell. Well today let's look at the city of God, the place called heaven. Take note today as you read this text that this place is the opposite of the place of hell. There will not be pain, no separation and God himself will be in the city. I don't know about you but I am looking forward to going to this place.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord thank you for such a sweet place you have prepared for me and all that trust you.
PSALM 100: 1-5
Can you sing? I can, but not well. The Bible here did not say that I have to sing well it just says that I am to make a joyful noise before the Lord. You know what that means? The Lord would rather hear joyful sounds coming out of you and me than whining and bellyaching. Let's spend time praising the Lord today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord remind me today to spend more time praising you than complaining before you.
ACTS 5: 1-11
Today’s scripture has a great lesson to all of us. Never lie to the Holy Ghost of God. Because of lying a husband and a wife both died here is the crazy part. The Lord already knows all about us anyway. So why waste time by lying to God. Plus God's judgment will fall on everyone who lies to him.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord remind me to live in truth before you and the world today.
PSALM 148: 1-7
On this day that some call an evil day, Halloween, I thought that we would spend time praising the Lord instead. Slow down today and spend time thanking and praising the Lord for being so good to us. Remember the Lord is worthy of our praise.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord I just want to thank you and praise you today for being so good to me.

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