09 Mar

GENESIS 50: 15-21
Have you ever had someone do you wrong? Have you ever shed tears because someone tried to hurt you and do evil to you? Joseph here had. It was his own family that did him wrong. His brothers sold him into slavery and told his father that he was dead. But the Lord blessed Joseph and he ended up with a government job and he did get to see his dad before he died. His brothers were afraid after their dad died that Joseph would try to get even with them for their evil. Study verses 19 and 20, what a person will do to you and I as evil God can turn it around and make a blessing out of it.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me never to return evil with evil.
ROMANS 6: 23
Have you ever thought about the price tag of sin? The price of sin, according to the Bible, is high. The wage of sin is death. Sin if untreated can cost a person their life or even their very soul. But i love the rest of this verse. The gift of God. Think about it. I can't buy eternal life. I can't earn eternal life. I don't deserve eternal life. God will give me eternal life in the city of God when I repent of my sin and ask the Lord to save me. What a savior.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for offering forgiveness of my sin.
This is good scripture to look back at every now and then. Some of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life were made when I trusted my heart or someone else's heart and not God's heart. The Bible reminds us here to trust the Lord, which means trust the heart of god, to take you in the right direction. Notice the keywords in these verses, trust, acknowledge, fear, honor. If we will practice these things our decisions will turn out a lot better.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord remind me today to trust you over anyone else including myself.
ACTS 8: 5-8
When will great joy come to a city? According to our text today when the man of God is obedient and goes where God sends him and when the gospel is preached and when the people listen and are obedient to the Holy Ghost of God. Our cities sure could use some joy in them today. Let's pray for the gospel to be spread even more across our land.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord please send God called preachers to preach the gospel so that we can have joy in our city.
JEREMIAH 10: 12-13
Wow, what a God we serve. Today's text reminds us of the power of Almighty God. The Bible here tells us that it is God that made this earth. It is God's wisdom that put this world together. Verse 13 here even tells us of the power of the voice of the Lord. I love the last part of verse 13, he makes the lightning and rain. What power and might from Almighty God.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord I just want to praise and thank you today for being who you are.
MATTHEW 7: 7-8
Ever wonder how to get answered prayer? Well in today's scripture Jesus gives the answer pretty plain. Ask, seek and knock. Oh preacher, it can't be that simple. According to the words of Jesus here in verse 8 not only can it be that simple it is the way to get answered prayers. Notice Jesus did not say if you ask seek and knock you may get results no Jesus said you will get results.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Remind me today Lord that you are in control.
JOB 40: 6-7
God told Job in today's text to pull up his pants and act like a man not a baby, not a kid, not as a whiner, not as a complainer. I think we all need to hear this scripture from time to time period think about this. When Almighty God says act like a man maybe it's time to grow up.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me today to do less whining and more trusting of you today
Jesus arose from the grave. Today's text is right to the point. If Jesus did not rise from that grave then our faith is in vain. But don't despair. Jesus Christ did come out of that grave! He did die on that cross and he did come out of that tomb. Because of that we have victory. Death should not scare the born again child of God. Tell everybody you come across today Jesus Christ is alive and well.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for coming out of that grave and giving me life.
DANIEL 2: 28-30
All of today's text is great. Nebuchadnezzar needed to understand a dream. Daniel was about to give the king the answer about the dream. I love the first line in verse 28. But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets. People today want wisdom but they seek different places for that wisdom. Some seek in books or computers. The Bible here reminds us that it is God that knows and they can reveal the secrets of all things.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord remind me to always look to you for wisdom and no one else.
MATTHEW 24: 36-42
How close are we to the rapture of the church? When will it happen? Jesus here tells us that no one knows. Only God the Father knows. But verse 38 gives us a hint or two as to how close we are. Seems to me Jesus was saying when man does not have mind or heart upon the Lord it will happen. Doesn't that sound like today?
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me keep my focus on you.
PSALM 27: 1-3
On this September 11th I believe this scripture can help us not to fear what happened to us on September 11th 2001. The bible reminds us here that if we trust the lord there is no one that we should fear. The bible reminds us in verse 2 that the wicked and enemies will come against us, but if we are trusting the Lord they will stumble and fall.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord on this September 11 help our nation. Please Lord bring America back to you.
Today's text it's short but powerful. We should never, never, never get tired of hearing the preaching of the cross of Calvary. Scripture reminds us that to the world the cross preaching is foolish but not to the child of God. As we go about this day let's thank God for the cross and for the one, our Savior, that died there.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord remind me daily of the power of the preaching of the cross.
GENESIS 1: 26-28
Today's scripture is just a reminder in today's world as to where you and I came from. God made us. The Bible here teaches that God made us in his own image. The Bible here also reminds us that God made male and females. No more, no less period end of story. Because the devil has so many people confused today let's share this scripture with someone else.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord thank you for making me.
JOHN 19: 17-18
The other day we were reminded by the Bible of the power of the preaching of the cross. Today we are reminded of what happened on that cross. Friend, I have seen this hillside, it does look like a skull. Let's never be ashamed to tell others about what Jesus Christ, God's son, did for you and me upon that cross. I have said it many times I will say it many more times what a Savior we serve.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me to share the message of the cross today.
EZEKIEL 18: 20
Today's text gives us a major truth. We are responsible for our own sin. My daddy or my mom or my brother or my sister cannot take responsibility for my sin. The Bible also gives us a big reminder that the soul that sins it shall die. The scripture here reminds us that a person will not get away with sin before a holy God. The long and the short of it is this, a person will either go to heaven or hell someday.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me to share the saving power of Jesus Christ with someone today.
I JOHN 4: 19-21
Have you ever had a brother or sister make you mad? We all have. And we all at some time or another get on each others last nerve but if we are saved we can't hate each other. The Bible here reminds us that we can't love God and hate others. It does not work. Notice that verse 21 is not a suggestion, it is a commandment. He who loveth God love his brother.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me to love others.
Today's scripture just kind of picks up where yesterday's left off. When a person hates someone it will stir up trouble. Think about it. When I have hard feelings towards another good does not come out of that. As a matter of fact hate only makes things worse. The Bible here also reminds us that love covers all sins. If God did not love you and me he would not have sent his Son to be our Savior. Let's practice love today instead of hate.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord forgive me of any bad feelings against anyone no matter what they have done to me.
JAMES 5: 13-18
Some great advice as to how to get answered prayer in today's text. According to the scripture there is a lot of power when the church prays for someone. The Bible here teaches there is also a lot of power when a child of God prays. Take notice that the man who is praying is a righteous man. In other words for the person who is living right before the world and the Lord God will bless their prayers with power.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord always help me to live in a way that is pleasing to you.
PSALM 148: 1-5
Let's just take some time and praise the Lord today. Maybe just maybe if we spent more time praising the Lord we would not have time to complain or whine or even judge others. Maybe just maybe if we spend more time praising the Lord we may even feel better period let's try it. Every time I get ready to complain today stop and praise the Lord instead.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for just being who you are. I want to praise you today.
EPHESIANS 4: 14-16
I can remember my mom telling me, seemed like a lot, to grow up. Today's text is telling us the same thing period as a child of God we need to grow up. How do i grow up? Get into the word, the Bible, remember that Jesus is our creator, our Savior, our Lord, our god. What a Savior we serve. The closer we get to the Lord the more we will grow up in Christ.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  help me Lord to grow closer to you today so that I can grow up.
DANIEL 6: 16-23
Have you ever felt like you were being thrown into a den of lions? Daniel here knew what that felt like. But take notice, God sent an Angel to shut the lions mouth (v22). That should show us that when we serve the Lord it does not mean we will not be sent into the lions den but if I do get sent in God will still take care of me. God will still be with me.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me to remember that even in the lions den you are with me.
The Book of Revelation is the only book in the Bible that promises a blessing to you and I for reading and believing the book. Think about that. If you just read this verse God is saying because you did I will bless you today. Friends, the Lord is coming soon. Let's read more of the word of God than ever before.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for the blessings in my life.
JOSHUA 24: 14-16
I know that we have looked at this scripture before but maybe there is a reason that we have looked at it again. Every decision we make every day carries with it consequences. As you read today's text ask yourself this question have I decided to follow Almighty God today? Remember, God knows our choices. We cannot hide anything from God.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord help me to always remember to put you first in every decision I make.
ROMANS 10: 9-13
Today’s scripture is known for being the salvation text. You see today's scripture tell someone how to get saved. It tells us that we must believe on Jesus. Believe that he is the Son of God, the Savior of the world. We must believe that he died on that cross and that he came out of that grave. It also tells us that we must confess him with our mouth. That means to ask him to forgive our sin and to save our souls. Now, let's share this scripture with someone else today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord used me to tell someone about Jesus today.
HOSEA 14: 1-5
In today's scripture God is calling on his people, the nation of Israel, to repent of sin. He tells them in verse four and five how he will bless them if they do. Oh, how America needs to hear this message today. Let's not give up on America. Let's share the gospel today and pray for our land like never before.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please, please heal our land America.
I PETER 2: 9
I am not sure why the Lord put this scripture on my heart today. Maybe just maybe someone reading this right now needs to know that God can deliver a person from temptation. Whatever you are facing today stop listening to the devil and the world. God can get you through this, God can deliver you. Trust Him today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Help me Lord to be a blessing to someone else today.
JONAH 4: 1-4
Today’s scripture should remind us that God is so patient with us sometimes. Jonah had just seen the Lord spare people after they repented of their sin. Jonah had just seen the Lord have mercy on him because he disobeyed God period now he is whining and complaining and asking God to let him die. Remember this. If God were not patient with us, we would be dead.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for being patient with me even when I don't deserve it.
ACTS 4: 11-12
Today's text reminds us that there is only one name, one name under heaven, whereby that a person can be saved. The whole world needs to hear this message. I love verse 11 here. Jesus is the chief cornerstone, he is the foundation, he is our head. The church belongs to him, our lives belong to him. What a Savior.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord I praise and acknowledge you today as King of kings and Lord of Lords.
ISAIAH 60: 1-4
What a beautiful passage of scripture. The Lord is telling his people here of Jerusalem's glory. I love verse three period you see you and I are talked about here. Even though we are not Jews we are not a part of Israel God was giving you and I a chance to come to the light. The Bible teaches that light is God's son Jesus Christ. Friends you and I should thank God every day for that light. We are adopted into the family by the blood of Jesus.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord thank you for allowing everyone the chance to be saved.
JOHN 3: 16-18
Let's end this month with some of the sweetest words found in all of the Bible. The words that remind us that God loves us, that God sent his son for us and that God has prepared a place for us when we trust him. Let's just praise the Lord today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for saving me.

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